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Business Email service in Bangladesh

TOSBD provides Business Email service in Bangladesh. Our Business Email service is secure, reliable solution for your web-based email needs. All of our plans come with a fast, lightweight webmail interface for managing your email and contacts. With full browser support, Business Email’s slick interface makes email enjoyable again. With no expensive software requirements and no privacy concerns, our webmail service is perfect for personal and businesses enlargement.
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What is Business Email?

Business email is the electronic communication between employees of a business and its owners or administrators. Email is a fast, efficient way to share information, and it can help companies work together more closely. Email can be used to send messages to all employees, or just specific groups of them. In addition, email can be used to keep track of important dates and deadlines, and to make announcements about company events.

How Does Business Email Work?

Email is a widely used communication tool in business. It allows businesses to send and receive messages with their customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Email marketing is a way to send email messages to your target audience with the goal of generating sales or leads. By understanding how email works, you can create successful campaigns that drive results for your business.

Business Email Features

Inbuilt Virus Protection

Our advanced anti-virus technology secured your inbox and ensures that you are protected from downloading malware and viruses.


Take the burden out of organizing your schedule! Create multiple calendars, better manage conference rooms, show task dates, specify working hours and more.

Desktop/Mobile Sync

Give you the freedom to use whichever platform you are most comfortable with! Also, you can sync your email with popular email clients available on the market.


Whether it's access to a Global Address List or a personal list of businesses, executives or more, contacts can be shared or exported in the most popular formats like vCard and VCF

User Collaboration

Share your contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes and truly collaborate with anyone in your company, department or even across a group of users within your organization.

100% Network Uptime and Security

Our high-end NetApp mail storage guarantees zero data loss and redundancy, along with 100% network uptime..

Business Email plans & pricing

10 Account

2,450 Monthly
  • 100 GB Email Space
  • Management Control Panel
  • Security and Anti Spam
  • Dedicated IP

25 Account

3,595 Monthly
  • 250 GB Email Space
  • Management Control Panel
  • Security and Anti Spam
  • Dedicated IP

50 Account

3,995 Monthly
  • 500 GB Email Space
  • Management Control Panel
  • Security and Anti Spam
  • Dedicated IP

100 Account

4,495 Monthly
  • 500 GB Email Space
  • Management Control Panel
  • Security and Anti Spam
  • Dedicated IP

Why Buy Business Email From TOSBD

We, TOSBD have some innovations and specialties from the web hosting service providers in Bangladesh. So people are still thinking of taking email hosting service from TOSBD. Our service has always been appreciated by users because we have been able to maintain our service quality from the beginning.

Easy to Use Interface

Send and receive email messages and collaborate from anywhere in the world with a web interface – no matter the device or your location. You can access your email service from your PC or your Phone with our intuitive and responsive dashboard. The beautifully designed email client will give you a great experience on all your devices.

Professional Email For Your Business

When you have an email address that is matched with your business name, your client will trust you more. Total Online Solution will help you to create an Email whose name will match your business name. Give your business a professional look with email @ your domain name.

Secure & Private Email

We will never read, sell or scan your email content for advertising purposes. Advertising is not our income source. So, you will never get any promotional ads in your business Email. Your data will be more secure on our server. You can choose your Email Hosting server location in the USA or Bangladesh.

Antispam And Security

TOSBD corporate mail server includes multi-layer, enterprise-level spam filtering that achieves 99% protection out of the box. Plus, it includes several security enhancements including anti-virus protection, support for SSL/TLS encrypted connections, intrusion detection (IDS), active directory integration and more!

Cloud & Dedicated Storage

Never lose access to your precious data with our remote backup servers. All your data will be backed up to a separate location providing you access to your data even in times of disaster.

24/7 Premium Support

A web hosting company is as good as it can provide support to its clients. It doesn’t matter how hard a web company tries; its client will ask for supports now and then. Our Support Engineer does their best to give as much support as possible for us customers.
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