Benefits of Colocation

  • Choose From Multiple Tier-III Datacenters in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Shared Rackspace for 1U/2U/3U Server Colocation
  • Half Rack Cabinet or Full 42U Locked Cabinets available
  • High Bandwidth BDIX Connectivity
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Technical Support

Server Colocation in Bangladesh

Place your servers and IT infrastructure at any of the top Data centers in Bangladesh. Low-cost server colocation options are available at two of the best Data Centers in Dhaka. Rackspace is available in all sizes, 1U/2U Shared Colocation, 1/2 Cabinet or Full locked Cabinet. You can even choose to place your servers at two separate Datacenters for data redundancy, security and backup. Alpha Net maintains private cloud infrastructure at multiple Data centers in Bangladesh. Regardless of the size of your project or server equipment, Alpha Net has the capacity and resources to provide a cost-effective co-location solution in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Cost-effective colocation service is available at two of the top datacenters in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Server Size

Server colocation is available in all sizes, from 1U shared Rackspace to 42U Full locked cabinet.


International Bandwidth is available through multiple IIG in Bangladesh, providing 99.999% up-time.

BDIX Connectivity

Both Data centers up-to 1Gbps BDIX Connectivity, ensuring fast, low latency data transfer between any two points.

Colocation Plans & Pricing

1U Co-location

৳ 7,500

  • Rackspace: 1U
  • Power: 1A @ 220V
  • IP: 1 IPV4
  • Bandwidth: 25 Mbps*
  • BDIX: yes

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2U Co-location

৳ 9,500

  • Rackspace: 2U
  • Power: 1A @ 220V
  • IP: 1 IPV4
  • Bandwidth: 30 Mbps*
  • BDIX: yes

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Half Rack Co-location

৳ 60,000

  • Rackspace: 21U/Half Cabinet
  • Power: 2.5A @ 220V
  • IP: 5 IPV4
  • Bandwidth: 100 Mbps*
  • BDIX: yes

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Why Colocation

Colocation Connectivity

Multiple Tier-3 Data Centers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Direct Connectivity to Data Center core network. 99.999% up-time. Up-to 1Gbps BDIX Connectivity and International Banwdith available.

Redundant Power

Fully redundant power system, with A/B dual PDU available in each rack. Conditioned UPS power backed by Redundant dual generators. High Power capacity per rack.


State-of-the-art cooling and climate control system at the Data center ensures proper temperature and humidity for your server equipment. Our Data Centers in Bangladesh adheres to industry standard climate control and fire suppression systems.

24/7 Monitoring & Support

A web hosting company is as good as it can provide support to its clients. It doesn’t matter how hard a web company tries; its client will ask for support now and then. Our Support Engineer does their best to give as much support as possible to our customers.

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