BDIX FTP Server List in Bangladesh – Top 10 Ftp Server Bd | 2023


BDIX FTP Server List in Bangladesh – Top 10 Ftp Server Bd | 2023

Are you looking for the best BDIX FTP server list in Bangladesh? We are going to introduce the top 10 latest bd FTP servers. This article is for those who love to download videos, songs, games, software and watch live tv online will love this article. You can download anything from the internet with lightning speed using a BDIX server.

BDIX FTP Server List In BD

BDIX FTP server is famous for live TV streaming. It has its own live streaming service, and you can watch any TV show, sports from this FTP server. You can also download various software, games, and movies also. Here is the list of the best BDIX FTP Server in Bangladesh:

Best Movie Server:


Best Torrent FTP:

Best FTP BDIX Software Server:

Best FTP BDIX Game Server:

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Best FTP BDIX TV Servers:

**Note: Many servers will not work on your ISP but will work on others ISPs.

Best 10 FTP BDIX Server List in Bangladesh

As we have told you earlier, you don’t need all of those servers to watch a movie, listen to songs, download software, games, or stream TV. Many servers limit their access, and many have update issues. If the FTP owner does not update its content regularly, you won’t get new content. Look for those servers that do not have quality content only but are also updated regularly.

Therefore, we have prepared the best 10 FTV BDIX server list in Bangladesh:

1. Circle FTP Server

This is most probably the best FTP BDIX server in Bangladesh. You can also find this server at this IP address: The server does not only updates regularly but also has a great client request facility. You can request any content except adult content or Bangladeshi content, and you will see the providers will upload that content within 2/3 hours.

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You will find the latest movies, TV series, games, software, songs, and any other audio, video content on this server. If you have access to this server, you probably don’t need any different FTP servers.

Circle FTP Server


The look of the website is updated and user-friendly. The FTP server has a vast collection of videos and games. The software collection is also vibrant. The provider keeps all the content organized and easy to search and download. Business Network or B.NET owns this FTP server. The only downside is the server does not have any user request feature.


3. Net@Home

This is another excellent FTP BDIX server. The server has a great collection of the latest movies and games. It provides incredible download speed, and the providers update the content regularly. You can also request content, and they will upload the content except for Bangladeshi content. The only downside is they don’t have a great collection of software and games.


4. MangoGamers FTP Gaming Server BD

Are you a gamer and looking for an FTP BDIX server that provides all the latest games online? Well, The MangoGamers FTP gaming server is the best you can get. As the name suggests, this server is dedicated to games only, and you can get any games here.

The most exciting part is you will also find older games on this server. If you want to be nostalgic, download 90’s games and play from this server. Moreover, you can request a game.

MangoGamers FTP Gaming Server BD

5. BongoBD Content on Demand

FTP servers maintain a strict rule about Bangladeshi content. Most FTP server owners don’t upload our country’s content because of copyright issues. But don’t get upset. If you want to watch Bangladesh content, BongoBD will provide you that.

BongoBD Content on Demand

This is a content-on-demand base service, and you will have to purchase their subscription to watch their content. We also tell you not to download and watch our content as this piracy is destroying our media industry. We should support our content creators by watching them legally.

6. MYbdplex

This is a good FTP BDIX server with tons of movies, tv-series. It has a good collection of games and software. The download speed is fair enough. The website is beautifully designed, and you can find any content easily. The server has limited access, and if you can access the server, it is worth a try.


7. CrazyCTG FTP server

You might have guessed it; the server is in Chittagong. But that does not mean you can not access it. The server is accessible from anywhere in Bangladesh, but you will get improved speed if you are in Chittagong.

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It is a movie FTP server, and you will find all the latest movies and TV series on this server. The website is easy to navigate. But there is no request option, and the download speed is really slow outside Chittagong.

CrazyCTG FTP server

8. Elaach FTPBD Server

Triangle Network ISP owns this server, and this is one of the best FTP BDIX servers in Bangladesh. You will find all the latest movies, TV series, PC, Android, and Console games. They have an excellent collection of software.

If you are looking for an online streaming service, we will also recommend this site as they have excellent online streaming facilities.

Elaach FTPBD Server

9. Roar Media zone

The roar media has many linked FTP servers to it. The FTP server has tons of movies and TV series, software. But the providers don’t update the server quite frequently. They have a request option, but it seems they don’t care for what you are saying. If you want to watch live TV, then it is an excellent choice for you.

10. NaturalBD

This is another well-designed FTP BDIX server, and you will find the content you are looking for easily from there. It has very good Movies, TV series, and games collections. The software collection Is not that good, but you will find the most popular ones.


Frequently Asked Question About FTP BDIX Server

What is an FTP server?

FTP means File Transfer Protocol. It is software that distributes hosted files from a computer to other connected devices in the network. You can connect to the remote computer anonymously or using your user name or password. However, the remote computer owns the right to access who can use the server and who can not.

Why Use BD FTP Server?

FTP servers provide many advantages. Some of the benefits are as bellows:

  • No Need to worry about Seed/Leech. Just click and download.
  • Lightning-fast download speed.
  • Download speed doesn’t depend on your internet speed.
  • You can download multiple files at once.
  • You can resume the download session if the connection is lost.
  • No size limitations.

What is BDIX Server?

BDIX or Bangladesh Internet Service Exchange is the first IXP or internet service Exchange point of Bangladesh. Major ISP companies in Bangladesh started this service in 2014. If your ISP is BDIX supported, you can access any BDIX server and download any file. BDIX members open the file-sharing platforms for everybody who has access to that server.

How Many BDIX Servers Are There?

You can find more than 350 BDIX servers in Bangladesh. But not every server provides the same service. Some services are for watching live TV, some give just download links, and you can watch movies/TV series online on some servers. You don’t need all of those servers. One or two good servers are enough for you to watch or download files. You will need the best FTP BDIX list in Bangladesh for that.


In Bangladesh, you will find more than 350 FTP BDIX servers, and it is a huge task to list the best FTP BDIX server list in Bangladesh. We have done extensive research and brought some of the best. Some servers won’t run on your ISP because of the access policy of the ISP owner.

You can try one by one from our list of “Best FTP BDIX server list in Bangladesh” and hopefully will find a server that is fit for you.

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